Best Vacuum for Pet Hair – Brands

Interior design is an important thing to think about at the stage when you are building your home. However, when you have moved on to maintaining it, you may find it a problem if you have a dog or a cat at home, since they tend to shed their hair constantly and leave it around the house. A pet hair vacuum cleaner is what you need, and finding the best brand can be a challenge as well as a learning experience.

Finding the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair entails being critical about the brands that are out there. Here are some of the kinds and brands of pet hair vacuum cleaners you may want to consider.

Dyson is one of the best known and most trusted brands when it comes to pet hair vacuum cleaners. The Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Ball Vacuum is one of the latest models you may want to try out. It is lightweight but at the same time maintains powerful suction consistently. This specific kind is specially designed for cleaning hard to reach places. Because its base is a ball, it is able to move around in different places and corners that regular vacuum cleaners would not be able to reach. Its attachment is a turbine which can be used to clean any surface such as carpets, vehicles, or furniture. It is also good for your health since it has a trigger which allows you to not touch the bag of hair and dirt when emptying it. This bag also prevents allergens from being released into the air, keeping the not just your furniture but also the air in your home clean and free from dust, dirt and pet hair.

The Miele S2120 Olympus Canister Vacuum is a stylish gadget that is also good for picking up cat and dog hair. It specializes in having a sealed system, which means that it does not release the hair and dust that it sucks up back into the air. It automatically closes, keeping the air around you safe from the dirt the vacuum is picking up.

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