Bird Baths at Garden Decor Essentials

Bird Baths are a wonderful garden decor item because they provide a focal point in your garden, they attract wildlife and they can be very attractive in their own right. Bird baths come in many materials such as concrete, copper, terra cotta, ceramic and glazed pottery are some of the more popular versions.

Bird Bath heaters work wonders in cold climates. Some bird baths have the heating elements built right into the baths and other heaters are drop in models that can be added to any bird bath.

Bird baths also come with a variety of stand and mounting systems. Many have the own matching stand so that they are free standing units that can be placed any where there is flat ground. Others come with mounting stands that act as stakes so they can be placed anywhere there is ground that is soft enough to accept them. Another option is to use a deck railing mounting system. There are also hanging systems that are similar to hanging planting pots.

Prices range from $20 to $100 or more depending on materials and size. Elaborate water features can also be designed to accommodate a bird bath and the sky is the limit on prices if you choose this route.

With such a wide array of choices, you should be able to fins just the right bird bath to complement the rest of your garden decor!

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