Bird Feeders At Garden Decor Essentials

Bird Feeders are one of the best ways to bring wildlife into your garden and there are enough styles to choose from that you can find one to match your garden decor.

Common Types of Bird Feeders

Hummingbird Feeders: These are specifically made to attract humming birds with their long bills and insatiable desire for nectar. Hummingbird feeders are usually bright in color to attract the hummingbirds and hold a simple mix of sugar and water as the food source.Tube Feeders: Tube feeders are long square or cylindrical tubes that hold a large quantity of feed. They usually have many feeding stations place around the tubes so they can service many birds at the same time. Some of the more ingenious tube feeders have spring loaded squirrel cages that drop down over the openings when the weight of a squirrel is placed onto them.
Platform Feeders: Platform bird feeders have a small ledge around them for the birds to stand on while feeding. Platform bird feeders come in many styles.
Suet feeders: Suet feeders are often very simple cages that are design to hold suet blocks. Suet blocks attract slightly larger birds like Jays and Mockingbirds.
Squirrels can be quite a problem with raiding your bird feeders. If you have squirrels in your area, you can be sure they will make regular visits to your feeder unless you get good at denying them their treats. Hanging your bird feeders in ways that the squirrels can’t climb to them is your best bet and a wrought iron hanging stand/stake is a good option. There are do-it-yourself solutions like using a 5 gallon water bottle with its bottom cut out to act as a climbing shield around a post. I am not sure how well these work, but yes, I have seen a couple of them in place.

Here are a few more bird feeder tips: Once you start feeding your local feathered friends make sure you keep it up through the winter months to not place undue hardship on your local population. If you get a wood bird feeder, make sure it isn’t made from treated lumber. Make sure the bird feeder is easy to refill so you will do it when it needs it. Find a good outlet for bulk bird food, you will be surprise how fast you go through seed.

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