Birdhouses At Garden Decor Essentials

There are many types of decorative birdhouse styles to choose from. You can find very fancy Victorian birdhouses to plain rough sawn wood and everything in between. Metal bird houses can get very hot in the direct sunlight so them only if you have good shade places for them.

One of the more important things to know about birdhouses is that a house that is good for one type of bird can be terrible for another. In other words, know what kinds of birds are in your area that you want to attract and make sure you get birdhouses that are matched to them. There are also general birdhouses that are geared toward song birds that might work well in your area.

Birdhouses should be place where predators won’t have easy access to them. Perches on bird houses can also aid predators so you should think twice about having perches.

Birdhouses also make great do it yourself projects. They can also be a great project for the kids if you do most of the power tool work ahead of time so you are ready for assembly. You want to make sure that there are a few small holes in the bottom of the birdhouse for water drainage and a couple of more near the top of the birdhouse for ventilation.

There are a couple of mounting systems to choose from when installing your birdhouse. The can be installed on posts or stakes directly in the ground or hanging from a tree or special stand. Some bird houses can be mounted to your roof as a cupola.

Birdhouses range in price from under $10 to well over $1000 for large and elaborate models.

If you choose the right style, a birdhouse can add a great deal of charm and inspiration to your garden decor.

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