Bissell Carpet Shampooers

If you own a Bissell carpet shampooer, then you might be wondering what kind of liquid carpet shampoo you should buy to use with it. Is it necessary to use a Bissell brand product, or can you use a less expensive alternative? Are there special cleaners that I should use because I have pets? Will the chemical in carpet shampoos be harmful to my pets or children? There are many questions to ask when choosing your carpet shampoo.

It is not necessary to use a brand name cleaner that matches your carpet cleaning machine. You can use any brand cleaner, or even a homemade carpet shampoo is you would like. However, if you are interested in Bissell carpet cleaners then there are several varieties to choose from. Bissell carries a brand that is great for people who own pets. It is called the Pet Stain & Odor Formula. This type of carpet cleaner fights the odors that pets can leave deep in your carpets. It is better to use an odor neutralizing shampoo like this rather than a scented shampoo. The scented varieties will just mask the pet odors and not really solve your problem. There are also Bissell shampoos that are meant to help fight allergies or good for grease stains. The Multi-Allergen Formula actually kills some of the allergens that aggravate seasonal and indoor allergies. The Natural Orange Formula is great for fighting greasy stains and cleaning tough beat in grime.

If you are concerned about the chemicals in carpet shampoos and what lingering traces might mean for your pets or children, then you can do one of two things. First, make sure that you rinse your carpet thoroughly after every cleaning. Fill your carpet shampooer with cold water and no cleaners. Run the water over the carpet until no soap or traces of cleaner come out of the discharge. Alternatively, you could use green cleaners. There are several brands of cleaning products that only use natural materials and claim to be gentle.

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