Black Floor Lamp For Something Different

When you hear the term floor lamp, most of us will think of lamps that have been placed on, or recessed into the floor. You will not be too far from the truth here; they are lamps that are placed on the floor, except that they all stand as tall as a man with the lights at approximately head height. This is really not a desirable trait in a lamp; you really don’t want light shining into your eyes wherever you turn. The traditional way is of course to plop a shade on top of it to filter the light, while floor lamps have departed a little from the straight and narrow to incorporate other more ingenuous solutions.

This does not mean that you don’t find lamps with shades, in fact there are quite a few that do have this design and although they may not be the way you envisaged them are actually quite beautiful. In fact the black floor lamps are the best looking of the lot because they give you a sense of familiarity with the design while at the same time giving a touch of the modern with the color. There are also other designs where the lamp is kept pointing at the ceiling so that your room will be lit by the backwash from the ceiling. Another design is where the lamp itself looks like a World War II search light that focuses light anywhere you want to. This spotlight theme is quite new but is catching on very fast because it allows you to use lighting systems imaginatively in combination with different color schemes.

The black floor lamps are good because they look different from other lamps making it a sort of a design element in the home. There are some that are designed so elaborately that you wouldn’t know that they were lights until you switched them on. These lamps will obviously cost a little more than normal light fixtures although they are really worth the extra cost that you pay for them. Not only do they provide light but they also give your room a certain elegant modernity that is very hard to describe.

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