Blackout Curtains: Important Facts That You Need to Know

While most window coverings serve as an attractive and decorative house feature, blackout curtains are often used to completely block the light from entering the room. Like ordinary curtains, they come in varying styles, designs, sizes, and features. That being said, it is really important that you become familiar with the available options to help you come up with an informed buying decision. Apart from that, you should also know that they are made from varying grades and quality of curtain fabrics. This means that their light-blocking capability immensely rely on the thickness of the fabric used. So, to ensure effective blocking of light, it is advised that you go for those with thicker fabrics.

Benefits and Advantages

The use of blackout window drapes will surely offer you with plenty of functional and useful benefits. Some of which are as follows:

Sound and uninterrupted sleep during the day – People who are working on unusual schedules will certainly be interested to incorporate these curtains in their homes. Moreover, those who have erratic sleeping patterns and are used to sleeping in pitch dark rooms can enjoy a nice and peaceful sleep by installing them. They can also be integrated in the children’s room to encourage your kids to take naps in the afternoon.

Enhance picture clarity on TV screens – You will have a more satisfying and enjoyable movie viewing experience if you keep sunlight from shining on your tv screen. Remember that the glaring effect of light can impede viewing clarity. This is especially true when you are using a plasma or LCD TV. Therefore, it is important that you completely block the incoming light to help you enjoy a theater-like movie experience.

Improve energy-efficiency – These curtains are capable of warming and cooling the room more efficiently. They prevent warm or cool air from exiting through the small openings on the windows and walls. On that regard, your heating and air-conditioning system do not need to put in extra effort to provide you with optimal room comfort. Thus, resulting to lower energy bills.

Buying Considerations

If you plan to buy blackout window drapes, it is important that you take note of the following criteria:

Exact window measurements – Before purchasing the curtains, you have to get the actual and precise measurements of your windows to ensure full coverage.

Quality and thickness of the curtain – It is highly advised that you look for curtains that are made from a high percentage of polyester to ensure that light won’t be able to penetrate the curtains. Remember that these curtains should be able to provide you with 100% room privacy and light blockage.

Room style and design – Make sure to match the blackout drapes with your home décor and surrounding furniture items to maintain a cohesive look. However, if you want to make them as the focal feature of the room, you should acquire those with contrasting color or design.

Buying blackout curtains is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. They will not only offer you with complete light blockage but they can also help to minimize noise, create a more relaxing room atmosphere, and most importantly, save on energy expenses.

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