Brighten Your Garden With Red Patio Cushions

If you are not particularly great at gardening and find it hard to keep your garden full of summer color, then there are other ways to brighten your outdoor space. One easy option is to add color with your outdoor patio furniture and patio cushions. Although you can paint some furniture in a bright shade, most outdoor furniture comes in the neutral colors of brown, white, silver colored metal or black. In that case, you can add color with patio cushions.

You can find outdoor cushions in all kinds of colors and patterns, but one of the ways to add the most color is by choosing red patio cushions for your furniture. There is no brighter color than red, and your patio will get an instant lift. You will also have many designs to choose from with your cushions, with red floral cushions and stripes being particularly popular. Some cushions are even reversible so that you can change the patterns whenever you wish.

Whatever design you choose, make sure that the cushion fabric is weather proof to prevent mildew and mold from building up and that it is also UV resistant so that it does not fade prematurely. If your beautiful red colored cushions grow black mold or they fade very quickly in the sun, then they will quickly disappoint you and stop enhancing your garden. The cushion fabric also needs to be hard wearing, as cushions take a fair amount of punishment over the summer months and you don’t want them looking old and worn out by the end of the season.

When choosing outdoor patio chair cushions, you will find various formats available for different kinds of patio furniture, so make sure you buy cushions to fit properly. You should also check that there is a way to secure the cushions easily to your furniture. This is usually by means of ties at various strategic points on the cushion, but you need to make sure that there is corresponding places where you can tie them onto your furniture.

So, while having a garden full of colorful vibrant flowers can make a great visual statement in some backyards, there are other ways to also create color and visual interest to the space even without needing to have a green thumb or enough space to have some large flower beds. By adding some interesting patio chair cushions, and most especially red patio cushions to your furniture (although any bright color that you like will work equally as well), along with a nice pattern or even a solid color cushion, you can really brighten up your outdoor space without even having to get your hands dirty!

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