Building a Garden Pond

If you are looking for a truly unique and interesting feature for your backyard or garden space, then look no further than a garden pond. Garden ponds can be built in all shapes and sizes and can contain all types of interesting water features – or you can simply create a small garden pond that fits in with your décor and space limitations and provides a quiet little place to getaway in your own backyard. Garden pond kits make it fairly easy for most homeowners to build their own garden pond, or you can choose to hire a professional contractor to create this special water feature.

When it comes to garden pond designs, the sky is the limit. Whether you are building a garden pond on your own or are interested in having a professional build a garden pond for you, there are many options to choose from and many choices to consider. The first step in garden pond design is determining where you want to locate your garden pond – will you make it the main focal point of your garden and place it in the middle of your yard or will it be a quiet space nestled off to the side of your garden? Will it be a single level feature or have multiple levels? How large will it be? Determining where to locate your garden pond will be based on space issues, aesthetic choices and what is located on or under the ground nearby (such as large tree roots or rocks).

Once a location has been determined, you then need to choose the shape and size of the pond. This step may be partly determined by whether or not you are using a preformed garden pond or garden pond kit, or are building a freeform garden pond on your own. Preformed garden ponds and garden pond kits make the process of garden pond construction much simpler but limit your choices as to what sizes and shapes are available. Before determining the size and shape of your pond, it is best to get a few garden pond ideas by searching online, looking through catalogs or magazines, or visiting your local garden center. There are plenty of garden pond pictures available by doing a quick search online so that you can visualize what a finished garden pond project will look like, and by doing this you are sure to come across a water garden pond that strikes your fancy.

After the location, size and shape of the pond has been determined, the ground must be excavated deeply enough to fit the preformed pond or hard garden tub, if using, or deep enough for the depth of the pond desired if using a flexible garden pond liner. Usually a depth of three to five feet is sufficient. It is best to check with your garden pond supplier to determine the proper depth of excavation required for your garden pond design.

After the pond tub or liner is in place, the garden pond pump must be hooked up. Some preformed garden ponds have a space made to fit garden pond pumps. Otherwise, find an inconspicuous and convenient place to set up the garden pond filter and pump. It’s important to ensure that the garden pond filter and pump are securely placed in a location that they will not move around or be dislodged. You may need to secure the area around the pump and filter with some stones or garden pond plants.

Once the pump and filter is in place, the garden pond can be filled and then landscaped. Water garden ponds can have beautiful plants in and around the pond or you can set up a garden fish pond. Garden fish ponds require more maintenance to ensure the health of the fish that make the pond home, but the rewards of having a garden fish pond are worth the extra maintenance.

Added features, such as garden pond waterfalls, garden pond fountains, and garden pond lights can be added during the initial garden pond construction or can be added at a later time and really add interest and beauty to your pond. A garden pond waterfall is an especially enjoyable feature and provides a soothing vision of running water, along with the relaxing sounds that accompany the stream of water into the pond.

From intimate small garden ponds to elaborate ponds with waterfalls, fountains, fish or lights, a garden pond can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Garden pond kits make the process of building your own garden pond a relatively easy task (although it does take a bit of work to handle the excavation!), since all necessary garden pond supplies are included. Otherwise, you can purchase a preformed garden pond or hard garden pond tub, or begin with flexible garden pond liners to build the pond on your own. Of course, there is also always the option of hiring a professional to construct your garden pond, but that is a more expensive proposition.

No matter what type of garden pond you choose to add to your backyard or garden, the addition will add beauty to your outdoor space and will provide an interesting and relaxing area to enjoy throughout the year.

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