Burr Coffee Grinder vs Blade Coffee Grinder, What is Better?

Coffee beansWhen you go out to buy yourself a new coffee grinder you have two basic types to choose from, either a blade or burr grinder. Let’s get this out of the way right off the bat so we know where we stand.

If you are at all serious about drinking the best quality coffee you can dream of then forget about the blade models and head straight for burr grinder section of your chosen coffee grinder shop.

What’s wrong with Blade Grinders?

Well at the end of the day it all depends what your looking for in a grinder. If you want to grind up some tasty flax seeds to throw on your muesli in the morning then a blade grinder is the business. If you want the finest coffee available on god’s green earth better to leave these on the shelf.

The most unfortunate problem with these grinders is that they use blades (hence the name) to chop up the coffee beans in a rather crude and course manner giving you coffee grounds which are uneven in size. Uneven coffee grains means inconsistent coffee, which if we are going to the trouble and effort of making in the first place, is not what we are looking for.

There are two other big problems. Firstly, you control the fineness of the ground coffee by leaving the grinder on longer, not very scientific. Secondly, when you want to grind your coffee fine enough for an espresso machine you’ll need to let the grinder run for a long enough time that the grinder will heat up the coffee resulting in burnt grains.

Blade grinders do have the advantage of being cheap but in this world you generally get what you pay for and that is especially true in this case.

What’s right with a Burr Coffee Grinder?

Rather than using blades, burr coffee grinders use two metal revolving disks which crush the beans to a very fine, consistent powder using slow speeds and low heat. The process keeps the delicate flavors and aromas of the roasted coffee beans intact leading to a superior cup of coffee.

The fineness of the coffee is also easily adjusted meaning you can create the perfect grind for whatever use you are going to put the end product. Whether you are have espresso, cafitierre or percolator coffee the burr grinder will make you proud.

You’ll find during your shopping research that there are actually two different types of Burr grinder available. There is the Wheel Burr and the Conical Burr. The Conical Burr grinder is the better of the two and the one that you should be purchasing.

Again, it is more expensive of the two but the slower grinding process involved means the coffee bean will retain more of its flavor and the grinding process will be quieter. If you go to the trouble of finding the best cappuccino coffee makers then it makes sense to get the best coffee grinder to go along with it.

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