Burrageara is a group of orchids that cannot be found in nature. It originates from inter breeding Cochlioda x Miltonia x Odontoglossum x Oncidium. Some of these species originate from the tropical mountain forests, while others can be found in tropical forests in the lower coastal districts. The hybrids bred from these wild ancestors are more tolerant to warmth and grow better than the original species.


Place: In winter the place should be as sunny as possible, but because of the dry air, not above the central heating. In spring and summer the plants should be protected against direct sunlight. In summer one should also give the plants a cool place.

Temperature: During summer nights, the temperature should not drop below 15oC and during daytime it should be above 19oC. Much higher temperatures are not needed. And especially temperatures above 25oC should be avoided. Temperatures in winter should be some degrees lower.

Water: Make sure that the pot never gets totally dry. Especially not in spring or summer. These plants do not require a resting period in winter. So they may get water in winter, but because they grow only a little in winter, they may need a bit less water. The pot should be well drained.

Dressing: In spring and summer, the plants need a weekly dressing with 0.8 EC, or 0.8 gr/liter, provided that the pot never gets dry. In autumn and winter, plants need only half this amount.

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