Buying a Ride on Lawn Mower: What to Look For

A good ride on lawn mower is a necessity for many homeowners. If you have a large yard, this is what you need—unless you want to spend your entire weekend walking behind a push mower. In fact, many people who buy ride on mowers are upgrading from walking to riding. If you are ready to make the switch from pushing to riding in comfort without even breaking a sweat, here are a few tips to guide you. There are many factors to consider when looking at ride on lawn mowers for sale. Before you purchase one, take a minute to read this guide and you will be better prepared to buy the right machine for your needs.

Types of Ride on Lawn Mowers

A cheap ride on lawn mower will usually have a larger turning radius. What this means is that when you turn around, you will leave a track of uncut grass that you will have to come back for on the next pass. More expensive riding mowers have all wheel steering, which decreases the turning radius. If you’d like to perform other tasks with your machine, such as pushing snow or plowing the garden, you will need what is called a ride on lawn mower tractor. These small tractors can take attachments that can accomplish a multitude of tasks. At the upper end of the price range is the zero turn ride on lawn mower, which can turn completely around without leaving grass uncut. Which type of mower you need will depend on both the size of the lawn you need to mow and the number of obstacles you need to maneuver around.

Costs of Ride on Lawn Mowers

If you are looking for a basic ride on mower for home use, you should be able to find one for around $1,200 (£735). Lawn tractors with bigger mowing decks, more horsepower, and other features increase the price. At the high end of the spectrum are the zero turn mowers, which will cost somewhere around $3,000 (£1,838), depending on the brand. If you are short on cash, you can usually pick up a used ride on lawn mower for about the same price of a good new push mower. Of course, if you buy a used machine you won’t have a warranty if it breaks down. A good place to look is on craiglist or in your local bargain hunter weekly. Your best bet for ride on lawn mower parts is either at a large lawn mower shop, or directly from the company’s website.

Brands of Ride on Lawn Mowers

Although all brands of ride on lawn mowers will tout that theirs is “the best” and has this or that feature, the brands do differ a bit in terms of comfort, reliability, and warranty.

A John Deere ride on lawn mower is made by a company that also produces out mega-machines. They produce quality, durable machines with a welded steel frame. They also feature 4 year warranties and “drive free for a year” special.

Each Husqvarna ride on lawn mower is separated into one of three categories according to use: Homeowner, Landowner, and Professional. All models feature ergonomic seats and cruise control. Most Husqvarna mowers get excellent customer reviews and the brand is known worldwide as a leader in quality.

Another great brand is Toro. A Toro ride on lawn mower is built to last, and they are used by many professional landscapers to mow fields and golf courses. They are famous for their zero turn mowers, and all of their products are covered by a two year limited warranty.

You can buy a Murray ride on lawn mower at stores in North America and Europe, including a few of the big box stores like Wal-Mart. This brand does not have the variety of the above mentioned brands, and it definitely has received more customer complaints than other brands. A good place to start getting ride on lawn mower reviews is with your neighbors and family. Ask people you know about their machines, and you will get a great deal of information regarding price, quality, comfort, and dependability

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