Buying a Used Lawn Mower

Many homeowners are in the same situation: They have a decent sized lawn that is over an acre, and are just plain tired of pushing the walk behind lawn mower around for hours at a time on the weekends. The problem many people come across is that they just can’t afford the high price tag a new ride on lawn mower carries. Forking over a minimum of $1,500 to cut your grass is a big deal to most people. Fortunately, there is an alternative out there – purchasing a used ride on lawn mower.

Ride on lawn mowers generally have a life span of 7 to 10 years, although this number can move up or down considerably depending on a number of factors Things that will affect a riding lawn mower’s life include the amount of use, maintenance upkeep, type and size of engine, and the manufacturer. Keep this life span in mind when purchasing a used ride on lawn mower. You definitely want to get a machine in the early stages of its life to avoid costly repairs or having it just die on you in the middle of your yard.

Where to find a good used ride on lawn mower

If you don’t know much about mechanics and small engine maintenance, your best bet is probably to check out a lawn mower repair shop in your area and see what they have for sale. Although mowers bought at a store will probably cost more, there are some advantages to buying one at a place like this. First of all, you have more options if your mower breaks in a short period of time. Many shops will give you a one year warranty on a used ride on lawn mower, and want to keep you as a returning customer. In addition, the used ride on lawn tractor you buy will almost surely be checked for engine problems before you buy it.

Another option for buying a used lawn mower is by looking in the classifieds, either online or in the newspapers. You can definitely get some great deals this way, but you can also get burned if you are not careful. There is little you can do if a machine breaks the week after you buy it from another homeowner. If you are thinking of buying a high end used ride on lawn mower from someone, consider either bringing someone knowledgeable in mechanics with you to check it out. Another option is to take it to a repair shop before you agree to buy it and pay a small fee to get an expert opinion.

It is possible to find a one or two year old riding mower that still has plenty of life left in it at a great price. People move all the time and riding lawn mowers are often sold as a consequence. Finding a great deal on a used riding lawn mower takes both patience and knowledge. Do your research on what you need before buying, and you will have a better chance of getting a great machine.

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