Buying TV Brackets for LCD Television Installation

When contemplating the purchase of TV brackets for LCD televisions, you must first reverse your thinking process and keep the end in mind.

Ask yourself what you envision as the end result of adding your TV to a wall, or hanging from the ceiling. What will be involved in keeping everything looking from looking like an amateur ham radio operators room? Will there be external cables for all sources from cable TV, DVD player, DVR, Tivo, Game Console(s), and possibly a home theater sound system. How many of these cables will be exposed in a way that will take away from the decorative stance of the room you are installing the set in at the time.

Applying wall brackets for LCD TV installations (these are very similar to television brackets) need to be near the wall studs for weight support, or a cross member will need to be installed behind sheetrock for the minimum support requirements. Unfortunately for most there is almost never a wood wall-stud where one is needed in a measured and balanced placement on the wall you choose. You may have to involved a home theater wiring specialist, and a handyman service to do some small patch and repair work once your home entertain display device is installed.

The best time to buy brackets for LCD TV installation is at the time when you are buying your television. Try to purchase the brackets that are made by the same manufacturer as the television so you can be assured of proper weight support, and fitment of the brackets with the display unit. Universal brackets will work just fine usually, but when the availability of OEM support equipment is available, you should take full advantage of the situation.

Even when installing a small flat-screen on the wall above your soaker tub in the master bath you will want your wall mount brackets for LCD TV support to be the proper model and specification. Extra precautions should be taken when installing a device such as this near where you will be submersed in water. Consider using an adjacent wall that will cause less of a threat to you and family members when using the tub and television at the same instance. Actually, in some cities, the building codes will not allow exceptions for this type of installation, and fines can be levied if a building inspector ever has to review your home.

About the only time you will not be concerned about how the bracket for LCD TV installation looks is in your garage and or workshop. A small amount of cluttered cabling will tend not to bother homeowners in these locations, but in the rest of the home, care should be taken to not lessen the effects of the overall decor of the home when installing LCD flat screen televisions with the proper supporting brackets.

Check with the local home theater companies that specialize in turnkey solutions, and they may have a great all inclusive deal if you purchase your entertain equipment and their installation services at the same time. This will save you money and the hassle of lining up different service providers, as they will be responsible for every aspect of the installation.

Always get the installation quote in writing, and be sure to obtain copies of the contractor’s license, liability insurance, and all construction permits needed to proceed with your home project. Do not be intimidated by the vendors, and make the phone call to the city building inspector to make sure that everything is being done legally, as you are responsible for any infractions of the building codes.

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