Cabin beds – description and purpose, advantages.

Cabin beds are a increasingly becoming one of the most popular choices of bed as they are a not only a comfortable place to sleep, they also provide ample storage areas for a normally tight space environment. They give a person the essential sleeping area using a mattress like other beds but unlike other beds they are raised from the floor and are generally accessible by a ladder. This then provides an opportunity to utilise the space underneath the bed and create storage areas like cupboards, shelves or drawers or even an area to put items on like a dressing table.

Other common uses of the space provided include a TV or PC area where a TV or monitor can be mounted and used to watch DVDs etc, play gaming consoles or in the case of most young people, surf the internet and do homework. Some often come with seating to accompany the TV/PC area which almost turns the cabin bed in to sofa bed. The space could also be used to just provide a desk for use to sit a laptop on or write a document.

The majority of cabin beds are aimed at the child or younger adult market as these groups are generally the type of people who make the best use out of them. There are themed cabin beds for younger children ranging from a princess castle theme for girls with flags and turrets to a pirate ship theme for boys complete with mast and sails, transforming their bedroom in to a different world of enjoyment and excitement. You can get some that look like a dolls house, some which look like soldier forts and even cabin beds with slides attached all providing a fun way to sleep and making the bedroom environment a pleasant and fun experience. Older children or younger adults would probably prefer beds that have storage underneath i.e. wardrobes, shelving or drawers.

Overall cabin beds offer more of an experience over a other beds providing a stylish space saving piece of furniture that can also come with a practical or fun element attached with it. More and more families are turning to a cabin bed over a bunk bed or a platform bed for their children as they maximize space in tight area, which in today’s economic environment is what people are doing rather than buy larger accommodation they are making do with what they have using space saving furniture.

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