Cabinet Refacing: Should You Do It Yourself?

Cabinet refacing is a tedious process. We could start up, thinking we are doing it correctly but end up feeling doubtful about it. Since, most of us think this is an easy task we do it ourselves. More often than not, cabinet refacing is a task that we want to save so we don’t hire a professional if we could do it ourselves. However, there are details that need a professional touch. So, when do we have to do cabinet refacing ourselves, and when we should hire a professional? Doing it yourself is always cheaper, especially if you consider the cabinet refacing lowes when done by a professional.

If your existing cabinets are painted and the paint is still in good condition, you could just remove the doors, drawers and just clean everything, including the hardware. If there are chipped paints, you could lightly sand and prime it or repaint to compliment the cleaned cases. If your cabinets are of stained wood, reface your cabinet by reinstalling the new doors and drawer fronts yourself. For a cabinet refacing with cabinet doors that are stained, you have to clean the cases and just hang the new doors yourself. This way, cabinet refacing is not too expensive for you. Sometimes, cheap cabinet knobs is all it takes to give your kitchen cabinets a new look. You could also do it yourself since all it you need to do is to remove the old cabinet knobs and replace it with the new one by screwing each knob.

Sometimes though, cabinet refacing should be done by a professional. If the new drawer fronts are a different stain color, maybe it time for applying a laminate surface, and this is best done by a professional. You have to remember that the best way for kitchen remodeling is to assess whether the task is doable for you, hence, it is best to know your limitation. Remember, stripping and re staining are cabinet refacing tasks that requires an ample amount of patience and expertise.

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