Can Cheap Mattress Reviews Be Trusted?

Buying a new mattress can be a daunting affair given the total number of mattress models and manufacturers that exist. A great place to start your search is with reading a number of cheap mattress reviews, but there are just so many that the average person would never get to read them all. As with anything, some of the reviews are great and contain lots of very useful information, but others suck big time, and contain only marketing hype and information that the manufacturers want you to read. To deal with this obstacle, it is essential you understand how to separate the good reviews from the bad ones if you’re ever going to find the right cheap mattress for your needs.

You’ll come across reviews that are, as I like to call them, on the extreme – by this I mean that they are either wholly positive or wholly negative about the mattress they are supposedly reviewing. I’m always wary of this type of review, for the simple fact that no matter how much I loved a product, I’m sure I would find one or two negative things to tell people about – and the same goes for a product that I loathed, it would surely have at least one redeeming feature.

The top reviewers generally write more than one review about the products they use. It is sensible to put less weight on a review if it is the only one the reviewer has ever written on Kingsdown mattresses say for the site you are looking at – I know this is shocking, but there have been instances where people have been paid to write a positive review of a product, or a negative review of a competitors product. Reviews are always more credible if the writer has a track record with the website they write for.

You should never be swayed by a single reviewers views. If you are certain that a memory foam mattress is what you want, don’t let one negative review change you opinion, particularly if most of the other reviews are of a positive nature. It is important that you take a wide variety of views into account, and don’t rely too much on the opinion of a single reviewer.

Understanding how accurate the information you are reading is is the best way for you to become an informed consumer – it will ensure you get to choose the right mattress and one you will be extremely happy with.

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