Can You Afford To Install Your Own Television Brackets?

The standard television in most homes currently are a flat-screen LCD model with a varying size of thirty eight to fifty inches. Mounting such a large device to a wall is not at all difficult, but without the proper television brackets you are doomed for the possibility of your new home entertainment gadget ending up on the floor with some very non flattering cracks in the display area. The old adage of having the right tool for the job, can be applied to this situation, as some people will try to do this installation on the cheap and realize less than remarkable results.

There is a television bracket made for every TV sold on the market, and then are several third party versions that will work in place of the OEM products. Securely fastening a huge piece of display real estate like the Vizio VF551XVT fifty five inch class TruLED HDTV should be taken seriously as the investment alone is well over a thousand dollars and irreplaceable without homeowners insurance if physical damage occurs. If you do not feel confident enough to secure your TV with the brackets to the wall and run the cabling behind the sheet rock, then it may be time to bring in professional or choose a more traditional TV stand.

Most TV mounting failures occur due to lack of following precise directions that are offered in the owner’s manual. Television wall brackets are never at fault if installed properly, and it is usually a contest of weight and support, and the cheesy ninety nine cent package of anchor bolts you purchased at Wally World on the way home, may not be your finest moment.

The television wall brackets must be mounted onto a stud in the wall or preparation for the installation area must be made by demolishing part of the wall and installing the proper support hardware to make a successful sub-structure to hold the TV in place for years to come. Unless you are adept to running electrical wiring, and routing networking cables, dish or digital cable box cables, and other accessory add-ons, then employ the help of a home theater expert to get you past this entertainment hump in the road.

Television wall mount brackets (which are also called wall mount TV stands) are simple in construction and will actually hold more weight than they are rated, but the simple fact that the installation must be spot on stymies most consumers, and tragically they soon have a huge paper weight that Law and Order will not be playing on anytime soon. The problem is mostly that people want to install their LCD TV’s in certain places but never considered the budgetary restraints of having to do a mini remodel job in the living room to accomplish this task. A small project like this can run about one to three thousand dollars, depending on the construction circumstances, and what your contractor charges for labor and materials.

It is no one’s fault that there isn’t always an easy way to utilize LCD television brackets, but doing it correctly will preserve your television, and prevent harm to a family member if your unit falls off the wall and injures you or one of them indirectly. For such an inexpensive item, the support work involved can be quite an undertaking. A pine TV stand or oak entertainment center may be a more viable alternative, unless you can afford the in home mini-makeover. The simple fact that you may have to re-engineer the layout of your living room to accommodate your new home theater may be more than your spouse can handle, so take all of the above into consideration before coming home with that electronic acreage you call a TV screen.

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