Care for your Houseplants

Houseplants can be a very appealing item to have inside your home. The idea is to maintain a healthy, lively plant, which will improve the look and feel of the room. This cannot be done with an unhealthy plant. Having these eight things to keep in mind when you are taking care of your houseplants will help improve their health. An important step is to read the package directions first.

Be very careful as you can drown the plant by watering too much. However, you can give it to little water and it will dry up. Always check on the moisture by touching the soil and feeling of it to see if the soil is moist or dry. It is not set in stone that you must water your houseplants on a strict schedule. They can be watered as needed. When watering the plant allow the water to run out the bottom of the container holding the plant and place rubber matting underneath to catch the excess water.

Plants need the sun for the photosynthesis system to work properly. The intensity of the sun can have a good effect, but getting the adequate amount of it inside the house may be hard to manage. Fluorescent lighting is a great source of artificial lighting which can be purchased in fixtures to accommodate the plants so they get enough light.

Potting compost has soil conditioners. Things to help keep it aerated and have a good drainage are definitely a requirement. The mixtures are usually vermiculite, perlite and peat. Natural soil does not have the better drainage.

Most houseplant are plants that thrive in the warmer climates. Many of the houseplants require temperatures of between 65 and 75 degrees. Plants usually need a higher level of humidity in order to survive. The humidity needs to be around eighty percent, but most homes have about a fifty percent humidity level. For this reason, many homeowners purchase a humidifier, which helps keep the humidity in the home at a higher level. Try using a pebble tray, which is filled with water that evaporates over time. This adds moisture to the air.

The soil inside the pot is not able to function as a natural soil does, causing many nutrients to be lost. Some plants cannot handle the fertilizers and can be detrimental to the plant. The mixture of one-tablespoon fertilizer per gallon of water is a watering solution. It is better to not fertilize enough than to overdo it.

Know the size containers you will need for your houseplants. If the container is, too small it will keep the plant from expanding thus causing it to die. If the plant is in a container that is too big, then it exposes the root system to disease. This happens when there is too much moisture in the soil. Whatever size you chose make sure it has proper drainage. If you are reusing a pot, make sure you wash it thoroughly to rid it of diseases or bacteria left over from the previous plant.

Pest Control is very important to the health of your houseplants. Always quarantine any new plants you have recently purchased for a few weeks. These new plants introduce many insect problems. Changing the soil every so often in, the container will also help keep fungus from forming. Houseplants can have many insect or mite problems. Many of these are disastrous to the health of a houseplant. Keeping the plant growing and causing it less stress will help to keep many insects or mites away. Some ways to control the pests on your houseplants may include washing the plant regularly with a steady stream of water. Spraying the plant with water, which has alcohol added to it, will help control mealy bugs. Some swear by a soap based water spray to aid them in keeping their houseplants insect free.

Winter is the worst time of year for your houseplants. There is less sunshine because of the shorter days of winter, so it is best to place the plants near a window that gets the southern sun. Winter is the time of year that heaters are used to warm our homes. The heat generated from the heaters dry out the air inside your home. Plants thrive on the moisture and will need a little extra care during those cold winter days

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