Caring For Your Black Crystal Chandelier

The black crystal chandelier is a little easier to care for than other crystal chandelier lighting, but that does significantly depend on the chandelier type. The biggest reason they are easier to clean than other chandelier types is because often, the amount of crystals is down and the amount of metal lace work or beading is up. While other chandeliers are mostly clear glass, requiring delicate cleaning, the black chandelier will require mostly dusting.

That does change if your chandelier, black or otherwise, is hung anywhere that food is being prepared or served. A chandelier near the kitchen will get kitchen grease dust on it, and that makes anything look bad. Hung in a living room, a black chandelier merely needs its crystals polished carefully, and needs to be dusted every one to two months. Hung in a dining room, the dust will stick to the metal because of the grease in the air, and when a duster is applied, instead of dusting the dirt off, the grease will pick up flicks from the duster itself, making the problem worse!

In that case, make sure your chandelier is off, and carefully use a ladder to clean the fixture with vinegar. Glass cleaner or grease cutter can work, but vinegar will do both. Make sure that if you do have to take any parts off the chandelier to clean it effectively, that you know exactly where to put them back on. Use a ladder you trust. Be extra careful with any parts that are crystal, because they are easy to break and hard to replace.

If it is in your budget, getting professional cleaners on it once a year is a good idea, partly because they are trained and partly because if they break the chandelier, you can sue them and possibly get a replacement chandelier, where if you break it yourself, you don’t have that option. Taking good care of your chandelier is well worth it. It adds a sense of beauty and sophistication that makes it well worth the cleanup.

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