Carpeting Your Outdoor Patio Or Lounge

When most people think about outdoor carpeting, they think of that ugly marine carpeting that they’ve seen at their local marina or boat docks. Traditionally in marine blue or green, this carpet is not your only choice when it comes to carpeting your outdoor living areas.

Most synthetic based fiber carpets made with olefin or polypropylene are made to withstand high traffic and can even stand up to the elements of the weather. Resistant to stain, mildew, or moisture, some olefin carpets can be used in outdoor lounge or patio areas to make an outdoor living space extremely stylish.

Moreover, by looking at these types of carpeting, you’re able to choose from a wide variety of available styles, patterns, and colors. When thinking of outdoor carpeting, you may also consider looking for synthetic based carpet remnants. These can be purchased for extremely low prices and work well around hot tubs and/or patios.

When it comes to outdoor carpet, there are two basic types of installation. Rolled carpet, like that used for indoor applications, is rolled out in one large section and adhered to the surface using carpeting glue. The benefit of this type of installation is the ease in which it can cover large areas with one application and fewer seams. However, a drawback is replacing worn or faded areas of carpeting, resulting in the need to tear up the entire section to replace one small worn or faded area.

Outdoor carpet tiles are nice because they can be applied in squares which are easily replaced if worn or faded. Carpet squares traditionally come with adhesive backing which is peeled away and glued to the surface, which makes installing them fairly easy and straightforward.

Regardless of what type of carpeting you choose for your outdoor living areas, it’s always recommended to have the surface as level and smooth as possible prior to application. This will insure that the adhesive gets a good seal and the possibility of the carpet pulling up over time is reduced.

If you do choose to use marine carpet due to the presence of standing water over time, you’ll want to check out the selection of color options now available. Don’t feel as if you have to settle for the green or marine blue colors that you always remember. There are a lot more colors out there in marine carpet, so take your time to look around for a color choice that matches your outdoor décor, such as your patio cushions or any other outdoor accessories.

Outdoor carpeting may not be an option for every homeowner, but for those who like the idea of a carpeted outdoor space, there are a variety of outdoor carpet options available, whether you choose to go with the more traditional marine carpeting, outdoor carpet tiles, carpet remnants, a rolled indoor outdoor carpet manufactured to withstand the wear and tear caused by exposure to the weather, or even outdoor rugs. There are many more choices these days than ever before when it comes to outdoor carpets.

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