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Tips For A No Dig Topsoil Bag Instant Garden

Once again this year, I waited until it was almost too late to start an herb garden. I’ve always wanted one, but between my regular square foot garden and other things like the Crappie spawn and Turkey season, I just didn’t get around to it. Then I remembered reading an article years ago in a magazine about using… Read More »

A Garden Gazebo For Your Outdoor Decor

There is nothing like sitting outdoors enjoying the beauty of your garden and backyard space. By adding a garden gazebo to the space, you essentially create an exterior room in that garden space. Garden gazebos provide intimacy and protection from the weather, while adding beauty to your garden décor. Just as you would sit in an indoor sunroom… Read More »

Metal Garden Furniture Suits All Styles

When it comes to selecting furniture for your outdoor spaces, you have many styles to choose from. Two of the more popular choices are wood or metal garden furniture. While wood garden furniture certainly has its place in your backyard or garden, it does require quite a bit more care and maintenance than metal garden furniture, so although… Read More »

Styles Of Garden Clocks

There are many different styles of garden clocks to choose from when purchasing a clock for your garden. What you choose really depends on the size of your garden, where you will place the clock, other items in your garden that add to your unique style, and how much you are willing to spend on a garden clock.… Read More »