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The Basics of Basin Sinks

Before I moved into a new home, basin sinks were about the most boring thing I could imagine. It was a non-thing that I never thought about until a year ago. A sink is a sink, it does what its got to do and that’s it. Right? Well, my wife told me I was wrong. As usual, she… Read More »

Bathroom Curtains Or Blinds – Too Hard To Decide?

Are you currently facing a situation where you are trying to decide whether or not to use just bathroom curtains or a fancy blind in your special little room? Worried about whether or not you’ll be giving up some privacy if you choose one over the other? Or maybe you’ve just always heard that curtains are for the… Read More »

Glass Bathroom Sinks Buying Guide and Decor Ideas

Is A Glass Bathroom Sink Right For You? Whenever someone does a remodeling of a bathroom, they inevitably come to the time when they have to decide what to do about the sink. There are so many styles of sinks available in so many different materials and mounting options that it is easy to get confused and wonder… Read More »

Vessel Sinks Guide, Glass or Copper, and a bit of History

Is A Vessel Sink Right For My Bathroom? As you do your research on vessel sinks, there are some important things to consider when trying to determine if a vessel sink is right for you and your home. Vessel sinks are a truly beautiful addition to any bathroom, but before adding one to yours make sure you know… Read More »

Modern Bathroom Sinks’ Options

When it comes to bathroom sinks, lack of selection is never an issue. It does not matter what style of sink or what kind of decor is going into the room, you will have no lack of choices in bathroom sinks. The modern bathroom theme has become popular in recent years, and the idea itself has a bit… Read More »