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Gardening Tasks by Month for Hardiness Zones 5b-6a

JANUARY Check out garden catalogs and stores for seeds. Start seeds indoors for summer flowers. Prune fruit trees and late flowering deciduous shrubs. Snip back lateral and side branches of wisteria to within two or three buds. Knock heavy snowfall from bushes, hedges and evergreens to prevent damage. Keep bulbs in containers, lightly watered to maintain proper development.… Read More »

How to Plan you DIY Bulbs Project in the Garden

On this page I would like to give you some ideas on how to make a beautiful garden design with bulbs. It’s really easy, if you follow the table and tips below. Step #1 Fist of all, have a look at the table below. For a beautiful garden it’s important to know flowers size and time of blossom.… Read More »

List of Garden Plants Problems – Description, Damage and Controls

On this page  – the list of common garden plants problems. Each bug, disease or other problem has it’s photo, description and characteristics, damage, life circle, ways to control, pesticides and other useful information. Feel free to ask questions or share your experience in comments. Aphids Description Small (2-3mm) soft-bodied insects cluster on the tips of branches or… Read More »

Plant Hardiness Zone Map For US, UK, Canada and Australia

Plant Hardiness Zone Maps help to choose the right plants for your garden. In our Plant Encyclopedia you can find zone for each and every plant. This will help you to grow flowers, herbs, trees, bushes and other plants successfully. On this page you can find maps for the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Plant Hardiness Zone Map… Read More »

Decorative Garden Pots – Types, Materials, Uses

Garden pots can be a great design element when it comes to planning out your garden decor strategy. This is because garden pots add visual interest, create additional textural and color elements in a garden design, and can be easily moved or changed whenever the mood strikes. A garden pot can be virtually any container that will hold… Read More »