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What Heaters Are The Best For Your Home?

With the variety of heaters available on the market these days, anything from gas to electric to diesel heaters, how do you know what is the best for your heating needs? One thing that you can be sure of is that no matter what your need, nor how specific is it, there is a heater designed that will… Read More »

Types of Electric Heaters and Safety Rules For Them

In this article I will compare 3 types of electric heaters for home: baseboard heater, space heater and portable heaters. In conclusion, you will find important safety information for using them. Electric Baseboard Heater Electric baseboard heaters differ from hot water baseboard heaters, in that they are usually use to heat up single rooms whereas the hot water baseboard heaters… Read More »

How the Oil Filled Heater Does It’s Job?

A typical oil filled heater is also often referred to as a column heater, due to the columnar structure of the heating columns, often referred to as fins. These are a very common form of convection heating found in many homes and households, where they do a fairly good job of heating up a room. They are referred… Read More »

Bathroom Heaters and Towel Radiators Types

Oftentimes people forget, or don’t see the need for bathroom heaters. After all, you can go take a shower and while you’re still nice and warm from the shower there’s no real need for a heater? I disagree. Having lived in cool to cold climates for many years, and well, getting on in years, I believe that bathroom… Read More »