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Bahiagrass for Lawns – Description, Uses, Advantages

Pensacola Bahia is another name of Bahia Grass. The grass grows in hot areas and remains for a long time and is also recurrent. It is famous for its twin protuberant, its v shape like structure which consists of pointed leaves. The base of every leaf at the end has a purplish color. The twin protuberant is attached… Read More »

Easy and Beautiful Lawns Step by Step for Beginners

Whether you have purchased a home, are building a new home or just feel the need to update the extremities of your home, this page has everything you need to help you look after your lawn and the surrounding garden. Planting, growing and maintaining lawn and garden foliage is a demanding but rewarding experience. But to get it… Read More »

Planting Grass Seed vs Planting Sod, Pros and Cons

If you are installing a new grass lawn, you may now be faced with the decision to plant grass seed vs. laying down sod. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, which you should weigh against factors such as your budget and time frame. Remember that soil preparation and general lawn maintenance will not vary between seeded and sodded… Read More »