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Types of Lighting For Outdoors For Ambiance And Security

Homes need lighting both inside and out. Outside lighting not only adds ambience and beauty to a home’s exterior decor, but it is an important feature for safety and security reasons as well. Outside house lighting ensures that visitors can see their way along paths and up and down stairs, highlights interesting elements in garden decor such as… Read More »

Hanging Solar Powered Outdoor Lights for Trees, Patios, Houses

Today’s green technology has spawned a huge number of applications for the use of solar power. Watches, battery charges and calculators to name three. But one of the most successful uses of solar energy has got to be the development of solar powered garden and yard lights. With a simple photovoltaic cell, also called a PV cell it… Read More »

Outdoor Led Solar Powered Light String for Your Garden

If you are looking for extra light outside your home and a way to illuminate certain features of your garden without the hassle of getting an electrician to install permanent lighting, solar string lights are a great idea. These lights do use electricity, however it comes from rechargeable batteries which are powered by daylight. The power built up… Read More »