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The History of the Comforter, the Meaning of Quilts.

When speaking about the history of the comforter, what we are really discussing is the history of the quilt. Quilts are the original bed cover, typically made from scraps of material or old discarded clothing. Before the quilt, the top cover of the bed was traditionally linen, burlap sacks stuffed with straw or nothing at all but the… Read More »

Twin Futon Mattress for Children’s Beds

There are so many choices when it comes to the types of beds, sheets, blankets, comforters, etc. you can buy. It’s one thing if you are looking for such items for yourself, whether it is for your personal bed or a guest room. But, something strange happens when you start shopping for your child. All of a sudden,… Read More »

Traditional Japanese Style Rolling Futon Mattress

Often times there is a misconception that simple means cheap or stripped down. This is definitely not the case and doesn’t need to be true with your home or bedroom design either. The futon mattress made popular from Japanese influences is just one example of this. Times come and go, as do fads. Interior design and trends in… Read More »

How Do Traditional And Futon Mattresses Compare?

When it comes to topics that are near and dear to people’s hearts, it is hard not to include great sleeping on that list. And if you are wanting deep, peaceful sleep, then I would recommend a futon mattress as a great choice. We will discuss why through this article and on this site. If you find that… Read More »