Cattleya – description and care


This was one of the first orchids taken into culture. It used to be very popular in those days, but as years went by, it went out of sight. Nevertheless, Cattleya is among the most beautifull flowers. The genus contains 75 species, which origins from Mexico to Brazil.

To mention a few of the most current hybrids from this genus: Brassocattleya, Laeliocattleya, Sophrolaeliacattleya, Potinara, Fergusonara, Rothara and Otara. All these hybrids are important for the consumers because of the size of the flowers, their color and the time of flowering. They are available the whole year through, but the peak season is in spring and fall.


  • The plants that are grown in culture can in Europe only be kept in house or in a glasshouse.
  • The plants should preferably get rain water. Give the plants once per week water with just a little bit of fertilizer.
  • The soil should be cleaned once per 3 months with clean rainwater.
  • Usually, one does not need to give the plants a new, larger container. This should only be done on a two-yearly basis. Then remove large part of the old soil and some older parts of the plant.
  • The flowers should be cut after flowering.
  • Never grow these orchids below 15 oC

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