Ceiling Lights in the Kitchen

This may sound very obvious but there is more to ceiling lights in a kitchen than just being bright. A lot of people often underestimate the importance of lighting in this room and as a result, the atmosphere that they end up with becomes quite unappealing not only for their guests, but for themselves as well.

I must emphasize that the kitchen is without a doubt a central location in a person’s home. Nowadays, asides from being the place for preparing food, the kitchen is progressively turning into a place for gatherings of people with the introduction of breakfast bar components and kitchen islands. My point is that you should put some care and thought behind your lighting layout and lighting choices. In this article, I’m going to cover some of the basics so you have some idea where to start your research.

Knowing clearly in your head the layout of the kitchen area is a must. Once you got the dimensions and the shape, you can then be able to optimize the positions of the lights. For example, does your kitchen have a large and spacious surface area? Or is it long and narrow? Do you have an island in the middle? Where are each of your work spaces located around the kitchen? Functionality is definitely the key here. You want the kitchen ceiling lights to be a spot which would provide enough and even illumination while preparing food and/or cleaning the dishes.

The selection of the kitchen ceiling lights themselves is another aspect that should not be overlooked at all. Before you jump into home design catalogs and pick out the fanciest looking design, consider whether it will be impractical.

What I mean by this is for example, some light shades are difficult and awkward to clean. So from a maintenance point of view, such designs would be lead to problems for yourself over the long run. Of course, you wouldn’t apply this principle if you were to say buy outdoor solar lights since keeping them clean isn’t as important.

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