Choosing A Fireproof Safe

Getting organized is sometimes more than just having a neat filing system. Sometimes it means placing the right things in the right place and that includes valuables and important documents. Some of us prefer storing valuables inside our houses. Some of these are important documents, cash, bonds, or jewelries. Although these things can also be stored in a bank safe deposit box, it could be such a hassle having to drive all the way to the bank just to retrieve them should you need them at one point.

There are all sorts of safes for your valuables, but one of the most popular in the market is fireproof safes. Since fire is one of the leading causes when it comes to home destruction, you’ll want to make sure that your valuables are safe should a fire break out.

When choosing a fireproof safe, the first that you would need to check is the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) ratings indicated on the safe. This rating indicates the temperature the safe would maintain inside it even if there is a roaring fire outside. If the UL rating says UL350, for example, this means that the temperature inside the safe would remain below 350° even if it’s exposed to open flame. A UL rating of 125 would be perfect for items with low burn point such as videos while a UL rating of 350 would suffice for papers and documents.

Aside from the Underwriters Laboratory rating, you would also want to consider the duration of fire protection the safe can offer. Most fires only last about an hour, but you might want a safe that can offer you at least three hours protection should you not be able to take the safe out right away.

Since firefighters would need to use water to take the fire out, it is very important that you not only have a safe-fireproof safe, it should be water-proof as well. This is especially true if you will be storing important documents inside your safe.

The main purpose of buying a fire-proof safe is to keep your valuables safe from fire, but you might want to buy something that would keep your things safe from burglars as well. There are available fireproof safes which come with combinations or key locks, and you can easily check them out online. They also have Underwriters Laboratories standard determining the burglary-safe of a safe, such as TL-30. A safe with this rating means that a professional has tested the safe by opening it using different techniques for 30 minutes but wasn’t successful. If space would permit, you might want to go for safes that are bigger as they are more difficult to carry out of the house than smaller ones.

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