Choosing A Tub Chair

The tub chair is a chair which incorporates comfort, style and practicality in a neat chair shaped package. The origins of this comfy chair have caused a little debate over the years; it is now widely accepted, however, that it probably originated for the French courts and palaces of the 17th and 18th centuries, having been designed for the royalty at that time. There are also claims that some of the inspiration for the chair’s design was sourced as far back as the Greek and Egyptian eras.

The most well known of modern tub chairs is the art deco styled chair designed by Joseph Hoffman in 1911, which is from where most of the twentieth century chairs transpired. The design of the chair has the shape of a basic rounded Windsor chair, which has been upholstered in fabric, velvet or leather. A tub chair has the same shape as a traditional bathtub, which has been sliced down the middle and covered in fabric. Due to this shape, sitting in one of these chairs has the same effect as sitting in a warm, soapy bath – you immediately feel relaxed and comfortable.

Available in a number of different coverings, there is a tub chair to suit most rooms in the house. Fabric tub chairs are the most basic variety, but even these come in a multitude of colors and patterns, from the plain to the opulent.

More expensive but equally comfortable are leather tub chairs; however, it is a good idea to sit in any tub chair before purchasing, so you know that it is suited to your needs. A good option for an office or conference room are swivel tub chairs, which allow you to turn around and reach for items, without leaving the comfort of your chair.
There is a tub chair to accommodate most people’s needs, so it is advisable to have a thorough search before purchasing to make sure you find the best one for your purposes.

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