Choosing All Weather Wicker Outdoor Dining Furniture


All weather wicker outdoor furniture is a fabulous choice for your outdoor living areas. The furniture is durable and light weight. It is easy to move and rearrange. This feature makes it easy to use when having guests over. Wicker can be made from various materials including rattan, reed, bamboo and cane but all weather wicker is made from man made materials only. This material is water resistant and long lasting.

All weather wicker patio furniture comes in a large number of pieces. You can get anything from dining sets, to wicker outdoor sofas, to end tables and wicker poolside sun loungers. When choosing which pieces you need consider how you are going to use the furniture and how large the area is. Look for versatile pieces such as a large dining set can also double as lounge seating. Stacking chairs can be stored or put into use as needed making them a great space saving idea. Look for sturdy end tables that could be sat on if you were having a large party. Do not forget things like benches that can add a lot of seating yet takes up a fairly small amount of space. You can also mix the wicker with other types of furniture to create different looks.

Although wicker is often associated with outdoor living it can also be used inside. You can locate gorgeous bedroom suits complete with dressers and nightstands. Couches, chairs and other living room ensembles lend itself to a beach type decor extremely well. Wicker comes in so many style and colors that it makes it easy to locate pieces for your home. They also mix well with other more traditional pieces for a great relaxed look.

Wicker furniture requires minimal care but it does require some care. Even though most pieces are water resistant they are not water proof. They have natural fibers that will deteriorate if not cared for. You should cover outdoor furniture in the off seasons such as winter. The ideal thing is to store the furniture inside in the winter. You can clean pieces with a clean damp cloth. If any raveling begins address it right away by using a small amount of glue and a tack to secure the loose piece and prevent further damage.

In general wicker furniture offers so many options that it is sure to find a place in your home or patio. The furniture is comfortable, stylish and provides endless options. So when you begin planning your next decorating project, whether indoors or out, do not forget to consider wicker.

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