Choosing An Oak Front Door For Lasting Beauty

Are you considering installing a new oak front door? If so, some basic knowledge of hardwood doors may be helpful to you when making your final purchase. Oak is a durable hardwood that will provide years of lasting beauty and durability. Unlike softwoods like pine or aspen, oak resists dings and scratches and holds up longer in harsh weather conditions. Oak front doors also make a statement about your commitment to quality. If it is important to you to make a good first impression with regard to your home’s main entrance, then an oak front door is a marvelous choice.

When choosing an oak door, you will want to decide if your door will be painted or stained a color to match your home’s exterior. Paints or stains are the preservatives that will increase the life of the wood, enhance the wood’s beauty, and protect the wood from environmental hazards like rain and UV rays. Paint will disguise some of the wood grain. Conversely, stain makes the grain “pop out”. Most woodworkers prefer to let the wood grain show through to bring out the natural beauty of oak, and therefore prefer staining oak doors to painting them. Select your grain style carefully if staining is the way you will finish your oak front door.

If you want privacy, then a solid door would be your best choice. If you prefer light streaming in and a view to outside, then oak doors also come with an enticing myriad of glass inserts that are pleasing even from a distance. Front doors with windows or sidelights are generally more inviting than solid wood doors. But, you should buy a front door based upon your own personal needs and the statement you want your door to make as the entrance into your home.

Finally, you must choose the type of door construction you desire. You can buy a flat panel door, a raised panel door, or a solid door without the panels inserted to obtain a smooth, more contemporary look. Smooth oak doors are of course easier to maintain than front doors with panels, and this point is worth keeping in mind when purchasing, since exterior doors usually require regular maintenance.

Choosing front doors made from oak need not be intimidating. If you know you want a wooden front door, then oak is a very natural choice because of its durability and good looks. Then once you’ve narrowed down your choices to oak, you’ll simply need to make a few decorative selections, such as whether or not you want paneled doors, glass inserts, and what type of graining shows through on the particular type of wood door that you choose. Of course, one other point to keep in mind when looking to buy an oak front door, or any type of front door for that matter, is what your budget is and whether the features you desire in a front door can be met within your budget constraints.

A front door makes a big first impression on the look of your home. Buying and installing an oak front door for your home can really make that first impression a great one!

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