Choosing An Outdoor Sink

There are many uses for an outdoor sink in your backyard or garden, just as there are a wide variety of outdoor sink types. From your deck or patio to your garden area, outdoor sinks can provide convenience and functionality. Choosing the type of outdoor sink you want will depend on where you are using it and what functions it will be serving. For example, if you are looking for a sink for your outdoor kitchen, it will be different than if you are looking for an outdoor garden sink to be used for potting plants, cleaning up after a day in the yard, or similar tasks.

Here is a rundown of different types of outdoor sinks to make choosing an outdoor sink an easier task:

Outdoor kitchen sink – Outdoor kitchen sinks are similar in look and functionality to indoor kitchen sinks. Most sinks for outdoor kitchens are constructed of stainless steel or cast iron. Just like indoor models, outdoor kitchen sinks can be undermounted or overmounted. The sinks can be incorporated into an outdoor kitchen, or they can be standalone versions. The standalone sinks usually come along with an outdoor sink cart, which provides the framework within which the sink is situated and may also provide storage shelves or additional functionality. No matter what style is chosen, an outdoor kitchen sink makes preparing food for a barbeque or picnic a piece of cake and allows you to stay outdoors during food preparation rather than having to remain in the kitchen.
outdoor sinkOutdoor bar sink – Outdoor bar sinks are similar to kitchen sinks, only smaller. This is typically a stainless steel outdoor sink that is made to fit into an outdoor kitchen area. Like the outdoor kitchen sinks, they can be undermounted or overmounted. Outdoor bar sinks are becoming extremely popular and are perfect for entertaining. They can be used as a kitchen sink as well if space is too limited for a larger model.

Outdoor gardening sink – Outdoor gardening sinks are purely functional and can be the perfect place to help with potting plants or cleaning off after a day of gardening. They can also be used to wash off your gardening tools and even the bounty of your vegetable garden before it makes its way into the house. You can find portable outdoor sinks that are perfect for moving around wherever you may need them in the garden, or you can choose an outdoor wall sink that is mounted to the side of the house. For added functionality, it is best to set up a shelf or table near the sink to place items on before or after they are washed if the sink does not come with one.

Outdoor sink station – Outdoor sink stations are basically portable outdoor sinks. They consist of an outdoor sink and hose reel that are self contained in an outdoor sink cabinet. The hose is wound around the reel for storage but can be unwound and hooked up to a water supply which provides water to the sink. Depending on the length of the hose and the location of the spigot, you can move outdoor sink stations all around the yard to bring water to a location that is most convenient for you while working in the garden. Outdoor sink stations are typically made from plastic or stainless steel.

Outdoor utility sink – Outdoor utility sinks are similar to outdoor gardening sinks or slop sinks. They are constructed from plastic or stainless steel primarily, but can also be constructed of other materials, such as cast iron or even copper. These sinks have a deep base to allow room to wash larger items and work well to clean off outdoor items or to have family members clean themselves off after time spent outdoors so the dirt is not tracked in the house.

Portable outdoor sink – A portable outdoor sink can be moved around to any location needed. It is also referred to as an outdoor sink station, since it is comprised of a sink that is connected to some type of station or cabinet that also houses a garden hose. The cabinet with the outdoor sink with hose reel can be wheeled around where needed and the hose can then be unwound and connected to a water source.

Outdoor sink materials – No matter what style of outdoor sink you choose, when it comes to materials stainless steel outdoor sinks are the most popular. This is because they stand up to the elements and require no upkeep. A plastic sink is another popular choice but they do not typically hold up as well. You can also find outdoor sinks in cast iron and copper. Cast iron is heavy so it is not used for portable outdoor sinks and copper will patina with age.

Outdoor sink faucets – An outdoor sink faucet is similar to an indoor sink faucet and typically constructed from stainless steel. They usually have a high arched neck to allow space for larger items to be place underneath.
No matter what type of outdoor sink you are looking for, you can find a wide selection of outdoor sinks at home improvement stores, large retailers and online. In many cases, you can select a sturdy indoor sink to be used outdoors. Outdoor sink prices will vary by the type of sink you are looking for, the size of the sink, whether the sink is enclosed in a cabinet, and the material you choose. It is best to choose a high quality outdoor sink because it will be constantly subjected to the elements and should be made to last.

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