Choosing and Caring for Rattan Garden Furniture

There are many different brands of garden furniture available to adorn the outdoor area of your home. Out of these, rattan garden furniture is always a popular choice.

Garden furniture can be bought either as individual pieces or as a set, in a whole variety or colours. As always, buying quality is the key. Whilst cheap rattan garden furniture sets may cost less in the short term, typically they may not last for more than one season, meaning you have to purchase a new set the following year. Higher quality versions will have a greater durability, as evidenced in a tighter weave pattern without loose fibres.

When you purchase such furniture, be careful to consider the environment into which you are going to place the, be aware of existing colors and patterns in your home so that your new garden furniture does not clash awfully with it! You might even want to consider the colors of your garden flowers! Also don’t forget that you will also want to buy cushions for your furniture. Again, ensure that their colors and patterns fit well with the furniture frames and surrounding décor.

Another way to ensure a level of longevity in your furniture is to look after it well. Furniture that is outside is exposed to all sorts of weather and the effects that it can produce. For example, a chair may not be waterproof and hence susceptible to mildewing if left out in the rain. Prevent this by drying pads and cushions as soon as possible, should they get wet during an impromptu downpour. Even better, always cover the furniture when not in use.

As your garden furniture has most likely been in storage or out of use for a great part of the year, ensure that it is still fit for use at the start of the next season. Although replacing some pieces will incur a cost, it’s better than a chair collapsing because it has weakened, causing injury to some unsuspecting soul!

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