Choosing Quality Heavyweight King Flannel Sheets

Nothing helps keep a bed more comfortable in winter than king flannel sheets. Though many flannel brands now offer thin versions for year round use, many still prefer their traditional thick flannel sheet sets when the weather gets cold. Even in a bedroom that does not get a lot of heat, the bed will remain warm, eliminating the discomfort of climbing into a cold bed in the evening. Those who have not used flannel sheets in years will be happy to know that modern versions bear little resemblance to the scratchy versions that they had grown up with. These sheets are now incredibly soft, easy to care for and offered in a number of chic color choices.

When shopping, keep in mind that not all flannel is designed for winter use. While all may obviously be used year round if you so desire, many sheets are designed specifically so they will not heat the bed, making them appropriate for use all 12 months of the year. Warming options may be marked as heavyweight, while others may simple be sold as winter sheets. These sheets will be significantly thicker than all-weather versions, and may also come with higher price tags.

If you are shopping online, and the item description does not indicate whether or not the sheets you are considering are cold weather, simply look at the shipping weight. Higher weights mean heavier sheets, and this heaviness is generally indicative of their warming ability. Almost all internet stores list the shipping weight. It may not be obviously marked in the item description, but should be located in the product specs.

Not all flannel is made with natural materials. Some sheets may contain some polyester as well. This synthetic fiber can help prevent pilling, even after multiple washings. Additionally, it may also be used to give matte finish sheets a kind of sheen. While synthetic materials can help with durability, cotton is typically the better choice is comfort is most important. If you do choose cotton, you can help extend their life by taking care not to wash them too often or to use abrasive detergents while machine washing.

If you will be using heavyweight sheets, it may not be necessary to any additional seasonal blankets to your bed. The difference that can be felt when using king flannel sheets in the winter will be astonishing and may even allow you to turn down the thermostat overnight.

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