Choosing The Right Greenhouse

Having a greenhouse in your garden enables you to grow your own plants and vegetables all year round. As well as providing function, they can also enhance the look of your garden, with exciting styles and designs (although they can detract from the look as well, depending on the type of greenhouse you buy). Before you decide which type to go for, you need to do a little planning so you get the most out of your outdoor greenhouse.

The first consideration is where you will position the greenhouse. Stand alone greenhouse models can be placed almost anywhere, but you need to find a spot which will get a lot of sunlight. Take a look at how the sun spreads over your garden throughout the day, and where any shadows appear before deciding where to place your greenhouse.

Other structures in the garden, such as fences and trees can cause shadows which will block sunlight. It may be impossible to find the perfect spot, but a compromise is often just fine. Next you need to make sure there is plenty of space around the greenhouse for easy access. You will probably need room for a wheel barrow to get in and out. In addition, you may need to create a pathway to the greenhouse to make it easy to get to.

Size is also important. You don’t want a huge greenhouse in a small garden, because it will overpower everything else. A large greenhouse may also block light from hitting your neighbors’ yards, so think about them as well – you don’t want to cause any petty arguments over something as simple as the placement of a greenhouse. On the other hand, you don’t want to get a small greenhouse, only to find out that it doesn’t offer you enough room to plant the things you want to grow. There is an almost limitless amount of shapes and sizes of greenhouses available to buy these days from places like garden centers and online stores like the Argos catalogue (for those in the UK). You will most likely have to erect a greenhouse yourself if you buy it through these methods, but the instructions are very straightforward and will save you money over having someone come and build a greenhouse for you on-site.

Heating the inside of the greenhouse may be required if you don’t get much sunlight. Alternatively, you may need something to cool down the inside if there is too much light getting through. You can purchase small greenhouse heaters or fans for this purpose from most garden or outdoor home stores, such as a place like Additions Direct. Don’t forget that if you use heaters or fans you will need a power supply, so the cost of installation should be factored in before you buy.

Finally, when deciding on the material of a greenhouse, you can choose between plastic or glass panels. Plastic is much cheaper, but it is not as strong as glass, and may flex in high winds. Glass is much more solid, but it can break more easily if something hits it. The look of a glass greenhouse is also more attractive, so you may want to keep that in consideration if the structure is something you will be looking at often.

There are many things to keep in mind when buying a greenhouse, and since doing so is a fairly major purchase, you should first carefully consider factors such as location, size, shape, and material, as well as how those options fit into your budget. By doing so, you will get the most from your new greenhouse purchase.

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