Choosing Your Garden Pond Fish


Some pond fish can get quite large, up to 3 feet. Others only get a few inches long. There are a few different kinds of garden pond fish. Some of the most common ones and one of the largest and the most colourful pond fish is the Koi Carp. Most of the Koi’s colour is on the upper half of its body. It was bred this way because its colours are viewed from above. They come in a very wide range of colours and patterns including red, white, blue, yellow, black and many combinations of those colours. They get very tame and can be trained to eat out of human hands. Also, they have to live in a somewhat larger pond. At least a 1,000 gallon pond and around 3 feet deep. Koi’s can out live most humans, they can live up to 100 years. One thing about this fish is you can’t easily keep plants in your pond, they have a voracious appetite for plants. Kois and goldfish are in the Carp family.

Garden Pond Fish

This garden pond fish is the most common, its called the Comet Goldfish. They only grow to be about a foot long, their tails are long singled forked tail fin. Comet Goldfish are best kept in cold water. It’s a very easy fish to feed, it eats flakes or pellets. They get around a lot easier than the Koi. Its a very playful garden pond fish, you will often see it racing around the water. If you bring them in for the winter, this size of pond fish is much easier to handle. Most Comet Goldfish are red with some white and black mixed in with it. One variety is the Sarasa Comet which is deep red with a white pattern. This fish can be kept in the same pond as your plants. A comet has a life span of any where from 7 to 30 years.

Some other pond fish you could check out are Shubunkins, Golden Orfe, Butterfly Koi, and Golden Tench. These are just a few of the varieties you get to stock your pond. So when choosing your fish for your garden pond, make sure you do a little research on them. Each fish has its own character and way of life. Garden pond fish are enjoyable and fun to take care of. Enjoy!

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