Christmas Riddles for Kids and Adults with Answers

Christmas riddles

Planning a family evening on Christmas and need some good ideas for brain teasers? Feel free to get them from this page for your personal needs and printables (please do not copy them to other websites though, thanks!). Answers are included 🙂

Christmas riddles for kids:

  1. What I am if I have a 4 legs and back but I am not an animal? – Chair
  2. It’s a ball but it does not bounce – Snowball

Children love funny, easy riddles, especially if they are used for scavenger hunt. The best is to put together jokes and presents, treasure hunting makes kids more motivated. How challenging they should be? For preschoolers and middle school kids try choose different difficulty levels.

Christmas riddles for adults:

  1. How do you call a person who is lazy? – Lazy

Just a reminder: there are some really hard riddles for adults, but I did not include dirty ones as it’s a family holiday and riddles should be friendly.


New riddles are added from time to time, also our visitors add riddles in comments so add this page to your bookmarks to get more ideas.

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