Colored Solar Lights For Your Backyard

Sometimes the backyard can get a little boring, so you begin to think of ways to spice up the surroundings. While it may be tempting to build a deck, add a pergola or gazebo, or create a beautiful garden pond, these additions can be expensive and are not always a feasible option to add interest to your backyard. So why not consider livening things up with a little bit of color? You can do so very easily and inexpensively with a few colored solar lights.

Colored solar lighting is a great addition to any backyard and is cost efficient. One great feature of these lights is that they can change colors and turn your backyard into something special. They also come in a variety of different designs. Another great feature is that they can add some interest to your yard without harming the environment or running up your electric bill, since they are powered by the sun.

There are a few different types of color changing lights that are worth taking a look at (although not all are solar powered), and if you are looking to buy colored solar lights or any type of color changing lighting, one good place to do that is the internet, since there is such a large selection at your fingertips. Here are some different color changing light options that you can select from:

Solar color changing lights: the great thing about these solar lights is that they’re very affordable, as well as durable. They automatically shut on and off on their own, and since they’re powered by one rechargeable AAA battery that is charged by the sun, they are a cheap way to light up your backyard space. These lights continually change from blue to yellow, to red and green, which is also entertaining.

Color changing flower lights: to add something different to your yard and dress it up a bit, you may want to consider flower shaped lights. They will make a beautiful addition to your backyard and garden area and continually change random colors in a rotating basis. They’re also a bit whimsical on their own, adding fun and interest even without the color changing option. In addition to flowers, you can also find these types of lights with dragonflies, butterflies and other designs.

Floating color changing pool lights: your pool is the perfect place for lights that change color. Just like the other color changing lighting mentioned above, these lights randomly change colors as well. They are powered by batteries and will last up 100,000 hours, and their charge lasts for up to 12 hours. When you have a color changing light floating around the pool, it changes the whole atmosphere around your pool and really makes it feel like a party is going on.

Solar colored garden stake lighting: using solar lights is the perfect way to light up your garden. Installing a few solar garden stake lights is ideal if you’re just looking for minimal lighting around your backyard or garden. These lights throw off small pools of light and some change color as well. You can get garden stake lighting in just a basic design, or can find options that have decorative lights on the ends, which add interest to your yard even when the lights are not on.

Of course, there are numerous ways that you can add interest to your backyard, but few options are as cost effective and easy to install as solar powered lighting. Solar lights come in a wide variety of styles and looks, but by adding a few solar lights that also change color, you can really dress up your outdoor space and make it look more interesting and fun!

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