Comforters as Luxury Gifts

One of the most frustrating things you can encounter after receiving an invitation to a house warming, wedding or any sort of event is what do you get for a gift? The perfect gift giving idea is always just out of reach no matter how much you strain trying to find one. Here is an idea that everyone can enjoy and love: a luxury down comforter! It makes for a perfect intimate wedding gift or an amazing house warming gift. Why not try it for a holiday gift or even a birthday? They make the best Christmas gift ideas.

You might be thinking that a comforter is such a personal item and it would be difficult to purchase one as a gift and fit the recipients taste. However, a down comforter is a plain (usually white) covering that benefits largely when paired with a duvet cover. The duvet cover is where the personal touch would come in and you can leave that step up to the recipient. The down comforter is the luxurious and most expensive part. In fact, many people do not purchase them because they feel they can do without. So you would actually be giving a very generous and warm gift by giving the comforter as a gift.

There are some important facts you should know before you run out to buy your amazing gift. Down comforters are made from goose down and do not tend to be fluffy, but very warm and very soft. It is possible to break the bank when purchasing these cozy comforters full of down so depending on your budget you should do your research. The Eiderdown is a comforter made from the down of the Eider duck and is considered the most expensive of the down comforters. Much of this is due to the fact that the down is hand harvested in Iceland! These comforters have been known to easy set you back $5,000. At this end of the scale you will also find the Siberian goose down which is considered to actually be the best quality available for providing warmth.

Luxury comforters will be easy to spot and not just by the price. High thread count and fill power ratings will also clue you in that you are looking at a high quality gift. Fill power ratings will tell you how “fluffy” or filled a comforter is and typically fall in the 300-600 range. A luxury down will have a rating of 750 or higher. Thread count will typically range from 250-300 and the higher the better for a luxury down. A higher thread count will offer better stitching so there is very little chance of the down leaking out.

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