Comforters vs. Duvets

So you have decided to redecorate your bedroom! That is great, but now you have the big decision of do I choose a comforter or do I choose a duvet? What is that you say? You don’t know what the difference is? You do not have a clue what a duvet cover is? Well fear not as you are not alone. I will attempt to assist you along your quest to find the perfect solution for your bedroom design problem.

A comforter is a bed covering that usually drapes 3/4 of the way down your bed. Normally this will fall just below where your box spring and mattress meet. The size of the comforter will depend on the size of your bed. For those of you with quilted top beds or feather beds placed on top of your mattress you should take into consideration that a typical size comforter will not fall as far down the sides if a lot of the bulk is taken up with thicker mattresses. In other words, to determine the right size quilt for you, make sure you measure your bed beginning from the base of the box spring across your bed to the other side at the base. This will determine what size is right for you.

A duvet is a cover that has an opening in one end, the bottom, and goes over an existing cover. The bottom typically shuts with buttons, zippers or ties. It is basically a fabric shell and is typically used to cover down comforters. They can be decorative or plain, flannel or jersey. The design and comfort choices are as wide as they are with their heavier cousins, the comforter. Duvets are perfect for sprucing up an old cover!

One of the biggest differences between the two is size. A comforter is generally larger than the bed size and a duvet is usually equal to the size of the bed. The other glaring difference is that a comforter is heavier and usually stuffed with a cotton/polyester blend. A duvet is not heavy and not stuffed, it is a cover for the thing that is, again, normally a down filled blanket. Probably one of the biggest advantages to a duvet is you can change the cover with your mood, to acheive different design aesthetics withint your bedroom. Others would prefer a comforter because of the size and thickness, but there is of course less flexibility with design.

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