Common Features of a Washer Dryer Unit

Though it seems to be a no-brainer, knowing what to ask for when you are considering the purchase of a washer-dryer combo is important. Terms can be misleading. Technically, a washer-dryer combo refers only to the type of machine that both washes and dries clothes in the same drum. This term is often used incorrectly when referring to the stackable washer-dryer sets available. Stackables are two machines, the washer and the dryer, miniaturized and built into a tower configuration, the washing unit on the bottom. They supply nearly the capacity of stand-alone machines. Another name, laundry center, usually refers to a single cabinet that has separate drums for washing and drying, and not always stacked.

Some stackable combinations require outside ventilation. But the true washer-dryer combos don’t. Constructed with a two-drum system, the hot air from the dryer drum is sent to the rear of the machine where the moisture is re-condensed and drained from the assemblage through the drain hose. And, not having an outside air vent has a down side – it can take up to twice as long to thoroughly dry a load of clothes.

Standard stackable washer-dryer combinations are front-loading. This offers ease of accessibility. Smaller stackable washer-dryer combinations usually have about two-thirds to a half of the capacity of full-sized stand-alone washers and dryers. They usually don’t have simple timers that determine run times either. Rather, various built-in sensors measure the suds and waters levels, along with temperatures. These sensors determine when a cycle is over and shut down the machines automatically.

It goes without saying, though these smaller laundry machines have some drawbacks, they are wonderful because their size allows them to be installed in any number of small spaces such as closets and cabinets. Some are conveniently designed with wheels, so they can be moved to any site best suited to the time and circumstance for doing a load of laundry.

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