Comparing Coil, Latex and Foam Matresses

Bedroom - bed, comforter set, mattress and pillowsBefore you even visit your local dealer, find out which cheap mattresses are most popular. If there are people who are already looking for them, it means that they are satisfied with their previous experiences or know someone who is. This is the best sign that a mattress is worth buying – positive word of mouth.

We already talked about how you can find out which cheap mattress offers quality and comfort. Sites like Epinions has a lot of reviews on many products, as well as mattresses. This is one of the best places to find out about certain products, since the writers had a contact with the product and can tell you about their experiences.

Which are the popular mattresses?

Believe it or not, most popular are the mattresses that nobody ever talks about – coil spring mattress. They are more then 140 years old and are still highly attractive and popular among consumers.


The technology advances and there are more mattresses that offer the same thing, but in a little bit different way. Well, most people do not want to try something new and they stick with inner spring mattress. Also, there is a big number of people that finds them more comfortable; and there is also big number of people who find them to be cheap. These are the best three reasons why inner spring mattresses stay in top.

The thing is, you need to find what suits you best and what makes you wake up in the morning and feel fresh and energetic.

Everyone has its favorite. Don’t be seduced by the talk and hype or new technologies that you “got to have”. Stick to what your body needs and find a cheap mattress by your own taste. Besides coil spring mattresses that have and adjustable frame and different types of coils, there are latex mattresses.


These are made out of natural components. Latex foam is made out of milky sap, and that comes from a rubber tree. The advantage of latex mattresses is that they have a flexible surface that can be used on adjustable and flat beds. It is hypoallergenic and conforms to your body, thus reducing pressure points. You may be interested in these mattresses because they do not allow mold, bacteria and mildew to grow. It’s a great thing to have one of these because of these reasons only, but there are few more. Latex mattress is resistant to dust mites and has no chemical smells at all. You should really try to find one of these, and it won’t be that hard to find discount latex mattress.

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At last, memory foam mattresses. They became popular since they were revised by a Swedish company and launched into the US market. They were originally invented by NASA and this tells you about the technology that stands behind memory foam mattresses. The most popular brand is Tempur-Pedic. The bad news is, its hard to find these mattresses on discount. You could do it, but it will take a lot of time and a bit of luck. Cheap mattress is possible to find, but Tempur-Pedic is quite a catch. If you find one of them, please let us know how did you manage that.

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