Comparing Coring Aerators for Lawns

Aerators for lawns work in slightly different ways, but each kind improves the lawn by creating holes in the soil that allow roots to grow deeper and stronger with better nutrient and water flow through the dirt. A coring aerator for lawns does the best job since it removes dirt from the ground in the form of small plugs or cores, leaving holes a few inches deep that will take time to close up. This means the roots have more space and improved access for a longer tiime. These aerators include manual, gas-powered and tow-behind models.

Manual Coring Aerators:

A coring manual aerator is stepped into the ground with a foot on the pronged-crosspiece and then pulled back out by hand. With only two or three coring prongs to aerate, it takes a while to make a lot of holes in an entire lawn this way. If the ground is particularly hard, dense, compacted or dry, it can be challenging to get them into the dirt and remove quality cores. They are fine for smaller lawns and are nice to have for doing more frequent aeration in problem areas or getting any spots the other types of aerators missed.

Gas Powered Coring Aerators:

Probably the most popular aerator for lawns, the gas-powered machine is operated like a lawnmower as you walk behind it, though there are some models that you can stand on. They can be twice as heavy as lawnmowers and challenging to turn. Ones that are self-propelled are less tiring to use as are the kind that have power-lift, which is great for changing directions. They are more expensive to buy, but can be rented for $40-$50 for a half-day, which is plenty of time to do an average residential lawn.

Tow Behind Coring Aerators:

Tow-behind coring aerators rely on something else to move them, like a lawnmower or tractor. They usually make the best holes – deep and long-lasting. Since they are wider and larger, they can be more challenging to use and it may take a little practice to maneuver them correctly. They typically are the fastest to use, making them a great choice for aerating lawns that larger than normal or that need to be done more often.

Aerating your lawn is a vital step in creating a healthy lawn with strong roots. There are different types of lawn aerators to choose from to get the job completed, and which one you choose will depend on the size of your lawn and your budget. Some people choose to have a professional landscaping company aerate the lawn for them since they do not have the proper equipment, but even if you don’t want to buy a lawn aerator, you can rent one for a reasonable fee from a home improvement store and get the job done on your own for a lot less than it would cost to hire someone to aerate the lawn for you.

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