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home V garden logoWelcome to home V garden! My name is Katya and I am administrating this website. Lots of you, my dear visitors, ask, what V letter means. It’s easy to understand, that the website is all about home and garden and this is my goal – to help people to make their homes more comfortable and gardens more beautiful. For me, V letter is in a shape of vase, which carries a meaning of filling it with useful information and at the same time it’s a part of a house decor. In different cultures vase has it’s own symbolism but for me personally, it’s a vessel that I want to fill with the best things.

Speaking about this website as a vessel – I want to say many thanks to people, who help me filling it. It’s definitely a team work. This website would not be good without experts. I do understand and love home and gardening but i admit, that I still have to learn a lot. When publishing each and every article, written by an expert, I get an experience too and I am so happy that I can share it with English speaking people all around the world.

If you want to join our team, help with information, correct something, share your experience, feel free to contact us. I will be happy to get your offers and ideas. I am proud of being so much responsive and doing my best when answering your questions and providing ways for communication.


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Here you can get to know our experts, people, who is both professional and passionate about home improvement and gardening. All their help is absolutely free of any charge. Please understand, that as they are volunteering for our website, it may take time for them to reply your questions. Thank you.


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