Container Gardening for Vegetables

Having a potted vegetable garden is the most perfect and convenient way of vegetable gardening without all of the hassle of maintaining a regular vegetable garden, for some people. Container gardening is very handy in the respect that it can be moved anywhere without any hassle or other problems. The potted vegetable garden can also be grown almost anywhere, regardless of the weather, or even if you have a back garden at all (i.e. if you live in a flat).

Potted vegetable gardening is generally used to cultivate herbs and are often the main staple of traditional indoor gardening. Container gardening can be perfect for those of us that want a home vegetable garden, but find that our lives are very demanding, leaving us limited time to fully commit ourselves to growing a full-scale home vegetable garden. A potted vegetable garden can be conveniently placed almost anywhere that there is sunlight. As long as you have enough time to large garden pots and wooden planters once daily, you can start planting vegetables or grow almost anything!

Most people will start with large garden pots or wooden planters that contain a single drainage hole at the bottom. This hole needs to be covered–some people find that using broken ceramics are the best. Consider it another way to recycle your broken plates and cups! Over the top of the hole, a loose layer of gravel should be placed no higher than half an inch. Fill the large pot with a good quality compost or a compost that you have managed to create yourself with your garden composter. Now that you have made sure that you have the right place for them to be situated with the correct amount of sunlight and have prepared the large garden pots for planting, now we need to begin placing the seeds inside the pots to get on your way to growing vegetables.

Use your finger to push a little hole into the center of each pot and wiggle your finger about, so that a good depth of 1 to 3 inches is reached. Take your finger out and gently water the hole before dropping in the seeds. Open up the seed packet and sprinkle the seeds into the hole. Next, collapse the hole and gentle pat the soil over the seeds, not too tightly, but gently. Again, water the seeds with a small sprinkle of water. It is best to mark the finished pots in some way, so that you know which one is growing which herb or vegetable plant. You can pick up labels to stick into the dirt (like the ones in plants you buy at the store) for very cheap. I even found some at the dollar store. Now, place the vegetable pot out into the sun where you chose for them to be. Once a week you will need to turn the large garden pots slightly and water them. Container gardening makes a decorative addition on your patio. Consider complementing your wooden garden furniture with a few beautiful large garden pots. Some people add growing intensifiers, but that is a personal choice and up to you.

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