Container gardening tips

If you have limited space at your home but you would want to grow fruits, flowers, vegetables and different varieties of plants, opt for container gardening. This form of gardening enables you to grow plants in areas where creating a traditional garden becomes difficult. You can use your small balcony or decorate your rooftop, stairs and even the decks of your home by following container gardening. One of the biggest advantages of having a container garden is one does not require a big space at the backyard of the home.

Container gardens are easy to create for all gardening lovers who cannot afford to have a huge space. Moreover, they can be easily moved from one place to another without causing any harm to the growth of the plants growing in the containers. One can beautifully and aesthetically arrange the plants growing in container whenever possible. Even the smallest available space can be used for growing plants or for creating a beautiful garden of flowers, fruits and vegetables in containers. Consider the following tips if you want to opt for container gardening.

  • One of the most important thing about container gardening is to choose the right kind of containers. There are different varieties of containers available. Large flowerpots, wooden barrels, ceramic pots, planter boxes and hanging baskets are some of the containers that can be used for planting your chosen vegetables, fruit or flowers.
  • Be very careful while choosing containers. Avoid using cheap plastic pots or terracotta pots as they may rot in UV rays. A lot of containers made of certain types of wood may also rot. Therefore, it is advisable that you use containers made of cedar and redwood that are relatively less rot resistant. Do not use wood containers that are made using creosote or other toxic elements as they can hamper the growth of the plant.
  • Containers with narrow openings and small sizes are not recommended for use since small pots limit the growth of the roots of plant and dry out very quickly. Containers that have several drainage holes are excellent choice for your plants. If you have a container that has a hole at the bottom, place a newspaper on the bottom of the pot to prevent soil loss.
  • If you want to grow several plants in a single container, use wide and long containers that can hold many plants. Use of deep containers will also be good for deep-rooted plants.
  • Do ensure that the soil you use in containers should have a lot of organic matter so that the soil bed will be able to retain water and give out oxygen, thereby helping in the growth of the plants.
  • Use natural compost or good quality compost that is prepared by mixing loamy garden soil, sand and peat moss. However, before you add compost do check the requirements of the plant that you are growing in the containers.
  • To treat pests infecting your containers, use appropriate sprays. Make use of liquid fertilizers along with water.
    Follow these container gardening tips and make your window sill or the small balcony look more beautiful.

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