Advantages of contemporary wicker outdoor furniture

When you think of outdoor wicker furniture, do you envision out-of-date styles from a different time? Wicker often makes people imagine a Victorian porch or lawn – beautiful in its own time, but definitely not contemporary and stylish in today’s world. Even if traditional wicker were stylish today, it would still pose other problems.

Made of natural materials, it absorbs water, often remaining wet or damp for days after a rainfall, buckling unnecessarily and eliminating the possibility that it could be used beside a pool. When it is not exposed to moisture, wicker fibers are still subject to the harsh effects of sunlight, heat, and cold, which often cause splintering, fading, and overall breakdown over time.

Yet for all its faults, wicker is still a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Many people simply cannot resist the rustic appeal of natural-looking material, which does look beautiful in nearly any outdoor space. But what if you could have outdoor wicker furniture that is designed in a contemporary style, and made of material that appears natural but is weather-resistant?

Don’t make the mistake of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on “real” wicker that won’t provide you its money’s worth Contemporary modular wicker furniture is the perfect choice for those who enjoy wicker’s natural beauty but want to create a modern outdoor space. Modular outdoor furniture often consists of streamlined geometric designs in light materials.

This outdoor furniture is created to be moved and modified easily depending on the need of the customer and occasion. Create a sectional sofa that is as long as your patio can accommodate, which then can be broken down into several chairs or ottomans. Stack chairs you don’t need out of sight and forget about them. Coordinating tables makes sure that your patio or garden shares a uniform look.

But just because the outdoor wicker furniture you love is contemporary, that doesn’t mean it is designed with weather-resistance in mind. While natural materials are beautiful at first, they do not hold up well to wind, rain, sunshine, and other elements. Synthetic wicker furniture is state-of-the-art and is perfect for any outdoor space. It only needs periodic cleaning with a damp cloth, and its nonporous surface repels water.

Now you can use wicker furniture by the pool, lake, or beach. Drape your wet towels over it, get out of the pool and lie on it, or let it rain. It will be dry in no time. Because contemporary outdoor wicker furniture is made of synthetic materials, it also comes in a variety of colors—without potentially toxic paint that will not hold up over time!

Your wicker set may come in black, dark brown, white, or many other colors, but this color won’t fade, peel, or scratch because the color is part of the furniture’s chemical composition. Look for outdoor furniture that is guaranteed to last for years—this way you’ll be certain you are buying a quality product. With normal wear and tear, outdoor wicker furniture will not buckle or splinter like traditional wicker; it should last much longer and will be worry-free.

After you’ve decided which outdoor modular wicker furniture you will purchase, you may want to invest in cushions for your wicker sofa and chairs. Look for cushion fabric that is as weather-resistant as your new furniture. New developments in outdoor fabric are designed not to fade or mildew, allowing moisture to bead up on the top of the fabric and evaporate away. Once you invest in your new modular wicker furniture, the only thing left to do is move it easily where you’d like it, and then relax!

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